Fig & Lavender Preserve

Here’s my second recipe in the same day, using fresh figs. I’v decided to make a fig preserve (with less added sugar than the regular jams): that way, I’ll be able to keep for a while, its amazing flavor on my morning toasts ! The little twist from a traditional fig jam comes from the lemon juice (to enhance the fruit flavors) and some edible lavender flowers which go amazingly along with the figs. Did you know that lavender is loaded with benefits? It helps, when its flowers are infused in a liquid, fight against anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and even some nervous digestive problems. Ingredients:

  • 500g fresh organic figs, quartered
  • 250g cane sugar
  • the juice of one lemon
  • 2 tsp edible lavender flowers


  1. In a pan, place the figs with 3 tbsp water, the cane sugar, the lemon juice and the lavender flowers
  2. Cook the figs on high heat then reduce to low heat when the fruits start releasing some of their juices
  3. Let them cook till they reduce to a compote (skin and flesh)
  4. Pour right away the jam into your sterilized pot(s). Close the lid(s) and secure it/them.
  5. Leave the preserve to cool down. You can put the pot(s)upside down till it cools down but I’ve found out, that it is not necessary at the end; you’ll hear the ‘pop’ of the lid anyway when you’ll open the jamp pot
  6. You can keep the preserve in your fridge for few weeks

Enjoy !