Kumquat Marmalade

I’m just a HUGE fan of kumquat marmalade ! Already, few years ago, I treated myself with delicious candied kumquats by the Hediard House. A real luxury. Rare and exceptional. Sold like jewelry next to lukums sprinkled with pastel coloured sugar. Few kumquats, 5 or 6 maximum considering the price per kilo in a little transparent plastic bag like a trophy. And that taste…the bitterness of the citrus fruit, its acidity combined with a sweet (but not too much) note, each seedless (and GOD knows how many seeds those little things can contain)…what a refined savoir-faire ! My marmalade is much simplier but as delicious. You just need to know you’ll have to be patient to remove all the seeds from the kumquats. Then to sterilize your marmalade pots, follow the same routine as for all the other jams (please refer to my other jam recipes). The ideal season for kumquats is from November to December. Ingredients:

  • 1 kg organic kumquats
  • 500g cane sugar
  • 25 cl orange juice
  • 30 cl water
  • the juice of one lemon


  1. Slice thinly the kumquats in small (you can remove the top bit where the stem was) and remove all the seeds with your knife
  2. Place the cut kumquats in a pan with the water, the lemon and orange juice and the sugar. Stir well
  3. Let the mix boil hard for two minutes and then let the marmalade simmer on low heat till the fruits are completly candied and the texture is quite thick and syrupy when cooling down (about 1h, checking and stirring from time to time)
  4. Pour the marmalade in your sterilized jam pots and let them cool down before closing the lids

Enjoy !