Potatoes, Egg Yolk & Black Olive Tapenade

My Mum always says that the best things in life for food are always the simpliest ones…here’s another example ! Sautéed potatoes, egg yolks cooked ‘perfectly’ (cooked in tamari sauce like I’ve done for many of my past), loads of parsley and some home made black olive tapenade. Nothing exceptional in those ingredients …but combined…to die for ! Ingredients:

  • 6 middle size firm potatoes
  • 1 cup black olives, drained and pitted for the tapenade and 8 olives for the final decoration
  • a large handful of chopped parsley leaves
  • 2 organic egg yolks
  • 1 cup tamari (the soy sauce without the wheat)
  • Guérande salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp olive oil to sauté the potatoes


  1. Carefully place the egg yolks in the tamari sauce; let them marinate for one hour till they are ‘cooked’ (the yellow contour turns into a light orange)
  2. Cook the potatoes, peel them and slice them
  3. In a pan with the olive oil, sauté them till they are golden
  4. Mix the black olive into a puree with a blender
  5. In each plate, place some potatoes, the egg yolk retrieved from the tamari, some of the remaining olives, the chopped parsley and a tablespoon of tapenade
  6. Season to taste and serve immediately

Enjoy !