Egg-Free Chocolate Mousse

Even though, I was diagnosed intolerant to egg white, I was never frustrated because of some of my recipes: chocolate mousse with avocado, with soft tofu (see my posts in the

Sorrel, Spinach & Coconut Cream Soup

When I was little, I remember a dish my grandma Madeleine use to make. She did not like to cook but she made this meal with great joy and enthousiasm: eggs with

Butternut & Sage Carbonara

One question that I often get about my food is the pasta question. ‘But HOW can you not eat pasta’? is the most frequent sentence with a face of despair… Well…Not

Green Beans & Sesame Sauce

This delicious and simple recipe is inspired by a recipe of the great Harumi Kurihara. Harumi is well-known in Japan as a cookery author. She is, by the way, called ‘the

Roasted Pears, Ricotta & Spelt

It’s cold and grey outside and we easily tend to have sweet desserts or snacks. Here’s a simple and slightly sweetened seasonal recipe for a sweet tooth The pear will

Puntarelle & Fresh Anchovy Salad

One find Winter day, I went – as when I’m looking for delicious and fresh herbs like sage for example- to the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. And came ‘face to face’

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

The name of this cake has no real translation in French… I left it as it in the French version. Banana bread is kind of a banana cake but to

Gluten-Free Pancakes

  TGIF ! Tomorrow is the weekend and with it, maybe the time to cook delicious wheat-free pancakes with maple syrup ! The secret of a fluffy pancake is by

Roasted Quinces

When you find quinces, you often wonder how you’re going to eat them. At the beginning, you might even confuse them with a large pear…but quinces have a much thicker

Cauliflower, Split Pea & Seed Soup

A soup! This recipe combines many advantages: a seasonal vegetable like the cauliflower, legumes like split peas and various seeds which are perfect for your health when temperatures drop in