Fig & Lavender Preserve

Here’s my second recipe in the same day, using fresh figs. I’v decided to make a fig preserve (with less added sugar than the regular jams): that way, I’ll be

Gluten-Free ‘Scotch Egg’

The origin of the ‘Scotch egg’ is disputed: some say that it is an English dish (and not specifically Scottish) created by Fortnum & Mason during the 18th century. Some, on the

Roasted Spiced Pineapple

My first recipe dedicated to…pineapple ! And what a recipe, I’ve never tasted something like that ! Some pineapple rolled into spices, normally used for salty recipes… I cannot tell

Pear & Chai Tea Preserve

The pear season has started! With those amazing William pears so delicious to make great jams ! I’ve started making jam with few fruits at a time: no need for

Vegan Papaya Mousse

Growing up in Africa, I’m really found of papaya. I found some amazing and tasteful ones in a small exotic fruit vendor, not far from home. Loaded with fibers, the

Rice Noodle, Crab & Green Pea Salad

I’ve become an addict of rice noodles and the countless number of recipes you can make out of them. Here’s a recipe with crab (the brand Chatka, is a real classic),

Organic Orange Marmalade

Summer holidays are slowly ending and with them, the time to cook delicious recipes… I will, of course, publish those on my blog before some products disappear from the market

Rice Noodles, Shrimps & Herb Sauce

This recipe is one of my cuisine’s great classics, while I improve the sauce every time I make it. I’ve chosen shrimps and lots of different herbs, I love mixing

Rucola Pesto Bruschetta

Paris in August ! What a strange idea to be here in the middle of Summer you might say, but I’m here for 9 full days and I might just

Oats, Fruits & Almond Butter

Most of you are off today because you started your Summer holidays. So you have time to have this delicious breakfast! You can prepare it beforehand so you only have to