Almond Milk & Orange Millet Semolina

A new member in our ‘breakfast club’: a millet semolina with orange and almond milk ! Millet is not often used but this cereal has many qualities all good for your

Un Quinoa Tout Vert

I’ve found this idea of an all green quinoa in a free catalog from Whole Foods in the US. One tip: free newspapers in organic stores and even regular newspaper

Chocolate Mousse

The first time I’ve tried this recipe was for some icing on muffins and the result to remain objective was … not that convincing… I didn’t want to stay on

My Own Granola

Granola is super easy to make and the result is always rewarding and delicious. Once you get the trick on how to make it, you’ll be able to vary the

Plain Almond Butter

I just discovered almond butter and I’m under choc! Take dried almonds, place them in your food processor and Ta da! After few minutes, once the oils have released from the

Mushrooms, Leeks, Egg Yolk & Parmigiano

    I’m just coming back from Milan where I had, as usual, exquisite dinners made of greatly seasoned veggies, fishes, meats….I also visited small ‘negozi di formaggi’, ‘una salumeria’

Coconut & Lemongrass Rice Noodle Soup

After a trip to an asian restaurant during the weekend, I was eager for another lemongrass and coconut milk soup ! I decided to make my own Thaï soup and found

Scrumptious Vegan Madeleines

I have tried to bake Madeleines and yesterday night was my third time. And it worked! Yay ! The previous occasions were really bad for my cooking ego with Madeleines not looking