Polenta Galette, Roasted Fennel & Tahini

When you cannot have wheat pizza anymore, you need to find different recipes to have this amazing dish. I will post soon a cauliflower based pizza soon, but before that,

Cauliflower, Split Pea & Seed Soup

A soup! This recipe combines many advantages: a seasonal vegetable like the cauliflower, legumes like split peas and various seeds which are perfect for your health when temperatures drop in

Stuffed Little Pumpkins

I love, when Fall comes, to buy those tiny pumpkins that I found either at my organic store or at the market (my favorite veggie supplier has stuff to die for)

Gluten-Free Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni

Cannelloni is an Italian famous dish, often made of tubular pasta stuffed with meat, tomatoes and cheese, then cooked in tomato sauce. Here’s a more vegetarian version of it with ricotta

Caramelized Sweet Potato, Fig & Seed Salad

This salad is just so full of flavors. The sweet potato is oven baked and caramelized in maple syrup, the seeds are roasted and have a toasted flavor, rosemary has

Roasted Eggplants, Spelt, Yogurt & Pomegranate

Eggplant will soon have disappeard from the market stalls and with her this amazing variety of white eggplant, tasty and deliciously soft. Therefore, I had to publish this recipe before

Eggplant & Lemon Risotto

Risotto has always been a dish with a preparation I’ve never dared to launch myself into. And for many reasons. First of all, because my mother, one of the greatest

Tomato & Basil Risotto

I made a promise on this one, so here’s my second recipe about risotto (check my eggplant and lemon risotto). And as tomatoes slowly disappear market stalls as winter is

Gluten-Free ‘Scotch Egg’

The origin of the ‘Scotch egg’ is disputed: some say that it is an English dish (and not specifically Scottish) created by Fortnum & Mason during the 18th century. Some, on the

Rice Noodle, Crab & Green Pea Salad

I’ve become an addict of rice noodles and the countless number of recipes you can make out of them. Here’s a recipe with crab (the brand Chatka, is a real classic),

Rice Noodles, Shrimps & Herb Sauce

This recipe is one of my cuisine’s great classics, while I improve the sauce every time I make it. I’ve chosen shrimps and lots of different herbs, I love mixing