Fig Compote, Yogurt, Lime Zest & Hazelnuts

Hurry, Hurry, grab all the figs you can get on the market stalls before they are replaced by winter fruits ! Here are some recipes to savour them before they come back next year. Today, I want to share a simple recipe of a fig compote served with goat’s cheese yogurt (you can easily replace it by soy yogurt), lime zest and organic hazelnut to bring some crunchiness. You can serve this dish for breakfast, dessert or as a healthy snack. Have a lovely Sunday ! Ingredients:

  • 8 small fresh & organic figs, quartered
  • the zest of one lime
  • 4 organic hazenults
  • some goat’s cheese yogurt (or soy); about 1 cup 1/2
  • ome agave syrup


  1. Place the figs in a pan with 3 tbsp of water
  2. Cook the figs on low heat till they reduce to a compote (the fig skin is thicker and harder to soften)
  3. Let the compote cool down
  4. In two bowls, add the yogurt
  5. Then top with the compote, the lime zest, the hazelnuts and drizzle with agave syrup
  6. Serve chilled

Enjoy !