La Box Dégustation by Gourmets de France

I just received the December Edition of the Box des Gourmets de France with two boxes actually : la box ‘Gourmets’ et la box ´Douceurs’  (aka one with sweet products

The Box Dégustation by Gourmets de France

On holidays in my beloved South-West region near Bordeaux, I just received the July Edition of the Box des Gourmets de France with two boxes actually : la box ‘Gourmets’

The ‘Box Dégustation’ by Gourmets de France – February 2019

Every 5 to 7 months, local products, all different and original, are chosen by journalists who travel in the South-West of France to discover gourmet treasures.They are, then, given to be tested and evaluated by a jury of Michelin-star rewarded Chefs (like for example…

Apple, Fig & Jujube Chutney

Those past weeks of Fall have been the occasion to rediscover figs and jujubes. For the figs, during our Bordeaux workshop (check the ‘Workshop’ section), I was given to taste

Preserved Lemons

For many days, I’ve been thinking about re-organizing my blog and to make it bran new so it can better illustrate all my culinary ‘activities’ (which cannot be resumed to


Cornbread is one classic dish from the American cuisine (generally served at a barbecue) and I’ve always wanted to make this recipe between cake and bread. Cornbread is linked to the

Onion Pickles

My new addiction : pickles ! Pickles of all kinds which allow us to have summer veggies throughout fall but more recently, pickled onions. For this recipe, I’ve used new

Wild Blackberry Jam

It’s the season for blackberries ! And what’s best than wild ones… We had the chance to harvest some on the long walks we did during our vacation in the

Summer Tomato Chutney

This is the season for tomatoes ! You can find all kind of tomatoes these days: red and yellow ones, green and even blacke ones, small and big sizes under

Kumquat Marmalade

I’m just a HUGE fan of kumquat marmalade ! Already, few years ago, I treated myself with delicious candied kumquats by the Hediard House. A real luxury. Rare and exceptional. Sold

Pear, Apricot & Spice Relish

Relish is often used for burgers and hot-dogs. The most famous one is made of cucumbers, pickles, vinegar, sugar and spices. Here’s a seasonal one with Fall ingredients: pears, dried

Fig & Lavender Preserve

Here’s my second recipe in the same day, using fresh figs. I’v decided to make a fig preserve (with less added sugar than the regular jams): that way, I’ll be

Pear & Chai Tea Preserve

The pear season has started! With those amazing William pears so delicious to make great jams ! I’ve started making jam with few fruits at a time: no need for

Organic Orange Marmalade

Summer holidays are slowly ending and with them, the time to cook delicious recipes… I will, of course, publish those on my blog before some products disappear from the market

Kale Chips

I’ve been lurking at kale for a long time no not knowing really how to cook it. The crisps recipe is very simple but allowed me to taste this great vegetable.

Parsnip Fries, Thyme & Honey

You can still find parsnips on market stalls, you should definitely taste its flavor, I would say between the carrot and the celeriac. And moreover, why not taste it for