Cockle, White Bean, Saucisson & Chorizo Salad

This salad is directly inspired by a Spanish dish called ‘Fabes con almejas’ or also ‘fabada’ from the Asturias region. This traditional dish often served in a terra cotta plate (cazuela)

Guacamole & Egg Rye Tartine

This recipe is really easy to prepare with simple ingredients: avocado, egg yolk, fresh herbs, lemon and a rustic rye bread (you can also use spelt). The avocado is turned

Mushroom, Rucola & Egg Spelt Tartine

Since I’m not eating any wheat anymore, I’m just a big fan of other flours such as spelt, chickpea, corn, millet, chestnut, rice, rye, coconut… there are so numerous and

Avocado & ‘Gremolata’

Gremolata (from the Milanese gremolà, to crush grains into smaller pieces) is a side dish traditionally served with a dish of ‘osso buco’ (a veal recipe) as well as ith white

‘All Green’ Rolls

I love making rolls all year long as this recipe is really easy to make and is always a hit. Here’s a Summer version with….green ingredients ! I had this

Watercress Soup, Two Ways

A watercress soup ! A watercress soup in two different ways: one version rather ‘classic’ with ‘just ‘high quality’ ingredients and another version with some additional coconut cream. Funny how watercress

Fresh Herb Soup

Herbs, herbs, herbs ! I use them all year-long as those fresh ingredients add that little ‘je ne sais quoi’ which make all the difference in all my dishes. And

White Bean, Avocado, Radish, Mint & Basil Salad

White beans, from the legume family, do not deserve at all their ‘bad’ reputation… the fibers and plant proteins they contains have a lot of benefits for your health. White beans are

Sorrel, Spinach & Coconut Cream Soup

When I was little, I remember a dish my grandma Madeleine use to make. She did not like to cook but she made this meal with great joy and enthousiasm: eggs with

Green Beans & Sesame Sauce

This delicious and simple recipe is inspired by a recipe of the great Harumi Kurihara. Harumi is well-known in Japan as a cookery author. She is, by the way, called ‘the

Puntarelle & Fresh Anchovy Salad

One find Winter day, I went – as when I’m looking for delicious and fresh herbs like sage for example- to the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. And came ‘face to face’

Cauliflower, Split Pea & Seed Soup

A soup! This recipe combines many advantages: a seasonal vegetable like the cauliflower, legumes like split peas and various seeds which are perfect for your health when temperatures drop in

Butternut & Chestnut Soup

Christmas Eve is behind us on the calendar and with it, amazing moments in the kitchen, great and diverse dishes as well as large tables full of food for your guests.