La Box Dégustation Gourmets de France – May 2019

I just received the April Edition of the Box des Gourmets de France with two boxes actually : la box ‘Gourmets’ et la box ´Douceurs’  (aka one with sweet products and one with savory ones). The idea is to receive in your mail box, seasonal and high-quality products from the great South West region of France. These beautiful products have been selected by Michelin Star awarded chefs as well as by MOF (that is the highest French reward in every food speciality – you have this award for pastry chefs but also fishmongers, sommeliers…). In one of the box, I found a NIAC by Sébastien Bras (3 Michelin stars with his restaurant Le Suquet / a powder of different ingredients to add to some dishes such as black olives, cane sugar and pepper, a delicious white wine, chocolate bars with candied fruits, jam….)… an exceptional treasure in mail box don’t you think? Box Gourmets:

  • Spaghetti by chef Italien Marco Ardiri
  • penne by chef Italien Marco Ardiri
  • 2 bottles of tomato sauce and 1 bottle of olive oil by the same chef
  • 1 marshmallow and chocolate bear by Bernard Besse
  • 1 bottle of  Côte Sauvage par Villa Dria (75 cl)

Box Douceurs:

  • 1 bottle of Côte Sauvage par Villa Dria (75cl)
  • 1 box of Cassiopea hazelnut biscuits by Bernard Besse
  • 1 black currant and citron jam by Sébastien Bras
  • 2 chocolate bars : one dark chocolate and pink pralines / one milk chocolate and candied oranges by Matthieu Vidal