13th of October 2018: a Workshop with ‘Fou de Pâtisserie’ Magazine

Last 13th of October, we organized a ‘Fou de Pâtisserie’ workshop with some of the most prestigious French Pastry Chefs such as Michael Bartocetti, Angelo Musa and Cédric Grolet. An exceptional day which took place in a breathtaking Parisian apartment and at the iconic Plaza Athénée, located in the heart of Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

I am, again,beyond proud to have co-organized and co-animated this one-of-a-kind workshop  and I am so glad to have shared those moments with passionate and enthusiastic guests.  I was blown away by the kindness and availability of the chefs towards our guests. And I cannot insist on the real admiration that I have for their unique savoir-faire. I hope this post and those pictures can show some of the wonders they have created and the greatness we’ve all shared.

The next workshop will be held on the 30th of November. Follow my IG or @foudepatisserie account for more info. You can also write an email to redaction@foudepatisserie.fr for more information.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors: Dammann Frères, Valrhona, Champagne Collet, Marlette, Silikomart, Pedro Domingues Fleurs, Bacon Chicken Lettuce . And a deep thank you to the Plaza Athénée for their amazing welcome (Alexandre Dufeu, Aude Bourgoin and their teams).