(No Bake) White Chocolate Tart, Fresh Figs & Red Berries


  • 250g gluten free biscuits (I used Schär biscuits)
  • 100g organic melted butter
  • the juice of an orange
  • 250g white chocolate roughly chopped and melted with a bain-marie
  • 130ml organic sour cream
  • 40g organic melted butter
  • some red berries (approx 100g  strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants) and some fresh figs (approx 3 small size figs) for decoration
  • icing sugar for decoration


  1. In a blender, grind the biscuits till you reach the consistency of a coarse powder (you can leave some small crumbs)
  2. Add the melted butter and the orange juice till you get a dough slightly ‘moistened’
  3. Spread the dough evenly with your hand in the bottom of a springform pan
  4. Put the dough into the fridge for 30 minutes
  5. Meanwhile, in a pan, melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and add the butter as well as the cream to the chocolate, stirring constantly
  6. Pour the mix on the cold dough and leave to cool down
  7. Place again in the fridge for two hours before decorating with red berries, figs and sprinkling with icing sugar