Cockle, White Bean, Saucisson & Chorizo Salad

This salad is directly inspired by a Spanish dish called ‘Fabes con almejas’ or also ‘fabada’ from the Asturias region. This traditional dish often served in a terra cotta plate (cazuela)

Apple, Fig & Jujube Chutney

Those past weeks of Fall have been the occasion to rediscover figs and jujubes. For the figs, during our Bordeaux workshop (check the ‘Workshop’ section), I was given to taste

Agretti, Lemon & Fresh Anchovy Spaghetti

I’ve discovered agretti last Spring during one of my trips to my favorite Italian delicatessen store (@RAP Epicerie). And because I was spending so much time, back then, changing the

Fresh Fruit Muesli Tartlets

Taking the time to eat healthy and balanced breakfasts during the holidays is something that I really cherish. All year long, I take the time to eat a solid breakfast

Salmon ‘Gravlax’

Gravlax salmon is a Scandinavian dish (‘gravad lax’ in Swedish) with a mix of salt, sugar, pink pepper and even vodka. It’s a true delish if you respect few important

Roasted Octopus with Lemon & Rosemary

Lately, I’ve grown a real fascination for octopus. Before, I used to dislike everything about it. Before… the idea of eating tentacles, its texture, the raw slippery beast even on

Gluten-Free Cod Croquettes

  Salted cod is not often chosen on the market stalls but it is a great great ingredient ! I already published a recipe with cod a while ago (

Guacamole & Egg Rye Tartine

This recipe is really easy to prepare with simple ingredients: avocado, egg yolk, fresh herbs, lemon and a rustic rye bread (you can also use spelt). The avocado is turned

Mushroom, Rucola & Egg Spelt Tartine

Since I’m not eating any wheat anymore, I’m just a big fan of other flours such as spelt, chickpea, corn, millet, chestnut, rice, rye, coconut… there are so numerous and

Little Airy Cakes with Caramelized Pears

One of the last weekends at the countryside by the end of 2016 was dedicated to making those little airy caramelized pear cakes. Iv’e used some pears called ‘passe-crassane’. This pear is

Preserved Lemons

For many days, I’ve been thinking about re-organizing my blog and to make it bran new so it can better illustrate all my culinary ‘activities’ (which cannot be resumed to

‘Golden Latte’

‘Golden latte’ is a divine drink. It is a mix of non dairy-milk (either coconut or almond milk) and different spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, even chai spices (nutmeg, clove,

Avocado & ‘Gremolata’

Gremolata (from the Milanese gremolà, to crush grains into smaller pieces) is a side dish traditionally served with a dish of ‘osso buco’ (a veal recipe) as well as ith white