My Sunday Roast

Some chicken and potatoes…you might think that I’m sharing a quite common recipe… Except that the combination of roasted chicken and lemon, garlic and green olives is delicious, that all

Pomelo Curd & Lychee Tartlets

It’s raining cats and dogs… and when it’s raining, we are free to bake delicious pomelo and lychees tartlets ! The crust is the one I’ve used for my apple

Dried Fruit Salad, Honey & Lemongrass

This recipe was originally nammed ‘winter fruits’ recipe and when I looked at it to publish it, I realized it was not only a winter one… Dried fruits can be eaten all

Salt Crusted Beetroot, Cocoa Oil

I told you about in my last post about the sea bream ceviche with avocado, pomegranate and lime. Chef Jimmy Desrivières from the W Paris Opera was very kind to

Kale Chips

I’ve been lurking at kale for a long time no not knowing really how to cook it. The crisps recipe is very simple but allowed me to taste this great vegetable.

Parsnip Fries, Thyme & Honey

You can still find parsnips on market stalls, you should definitely taste its flavor, I would say between the carrot and the celeriac. And moreover, why not taste it for

Beet Hummus

A third recipe for an aperitivo with plain corn crisps or toasted rye bread: beet hummus ! The base is the same one as the classic hummus; I’ve just added a cooked

A Spring Plate

I’m happy! New seasonal fruits and veggies are being sold at my favorite market ! I’ve found amazing stuff at my regular treasure hunt: new radishes, some pink, some fully

Fresh Mango & Coconut Milk ‘Trifles’

A ‘trifle’ is a typical English dessert, traditionally made of fresh fruits, Chantilly and Jello. Here’s an unstructured and vegan version: the agar agar, a gelling agent is mixed with the

Sardine ‘Rillettes’ & Spelt Toasts

Have you ever paid attention to how beautiful sardine cans are pretty? The overall graphic design, the logo, the colors… The ones pictured above are coming from a trip to

Almond & Parmesan Fluffy Little Cakes

I always thought almond meal was made for cakes…I was so wrong! As a delicious proof, those fluffy cakes light as ‘soufflés’ with no almond ‘back taste’ whatsoever. I use

Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bonbons

After making my own peanut butter, I had to test it. And I did with those banana, peanut butter and chocolate bonbons…delicious! Ingredients: 2 middle size bananas, peeled and sliced

My Own Peanut Butter

Like almond butter, and as soon as you have your own food processor, peanut butter is so easy to make. No need to buy expensive peanut butter or loaded with