Roasted Peaches, Rucola & Parma Ham

This salad is worth trying with its sweet and sour combinations. Roasted peaches are divine with the Parma ham, the rucola, the mint flavor and the balsamic vinegar.I recommend you

Roasted Artichokes

The artichoke! The most delicious way to eat an artichoke is to eat it steamed with a good ‘vinaigrette’: you peel it slowly and eat its tender leaves, and then

Green Pea ‘Cappuccino’

I’ve called this soup ‘Cappuccino’ because it’s extremely light with a slightly frothy texture while mixing all the ingredients. It’s the full season for green peas (from May to July with a

Potatoes, Egg Yolk & Black Olive Tapenade

My Mum always says that the best things in life for food are always the simpliest ones…here’s another example ! Sautéed potatoes, egg yolks cooked ‘perfectly’ (cooked in tamari sauce

Gluten-Free Spaghetti ‘Alle Vongole’

Spaghettis with clams or ‘alle vongole’ in Italian were not in my ‘possible’ cooking list till last week… Why? Because I had to find decent gluten-free spaghetti. Then, because I

Strawberries, Lemon & Sage

Medicinal plant used since the Antiquity, sage has a scientific name ‘Salvia’ taken from the Latin  ‘Salvare‘ , which means ‘to heal’. It has countless vertues, one of them being to

All Green ‘Tabouleh’

‘Tabouleh’ is divine… when well executed ! Made of parsley and bulgur (actually it’s wheat), this amazing Lebanese and Syrian dish has been mostly misinterpreted and twisted into an horrible

Watermelon Radish, Avocado & Rucola

A second recipe of a fully veggie carpaccio ! I’ve used some watermelon radish but you can replace it with some raw beetroot if you can’t find any, it’ll do just

Red, Green & Yellow Heirloom Tomatoes

It’s really the perfect timing for tomatoes as they are available on market stalls…there are seasonal ! My favorite fruit and veggie grower had heirloom tomatoes of different colors…a feast