Roasted Quinces

When you find quinces, you often wonder how you’re going to eat them. At the beginning, you might even confuse them with a large pear…but quinces have a much thicker

Gluten-free Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Christmas is just few days away on the calendar and I had to offer you a ‘Holiday Season’ recipe! Here’s a gluten-free shortbread cookies recipe. Shortbread are originally from Scotland,

Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Muffins

Not eating wheat and egg white does necessarily means you can have baked desserts anymore. There are many ways to replace wheat flour and egg white by healthy substitutes and the

Lychee, Papaya & Green Shiso Fruit Salad

The last time I was offered me those beautiful flowers, named ‘Amour en cage’ or ‘Love in a cage’, I thought they were really interesting to shoot. And so I did. And

Gluten-Free Tiramisu

I wanted to make a tiramisu for a long time but never dared to as I had the multiple constraints of not using wheat and dairy products. Tiramisu – understand

Pear, Ginger & Hazelnut Gluten-Free Cake

I’m just a great, great fan of ginger. There’s something about this root that I find amazing, about the spicy yet not hot tone it gives to herbal teas, cakes,

Roasted Spiced Pineapple

My first recipe dedicated to…pineapple ! And what a recipe, I’ve never tasted something like that ! Some pineapple rolled into spices, normally used for salty recipes… I cannot tell

Vegan Papaya Mousse

Growing up in Africa, I’m really found of papaya. I found some amazing and tasteful ones in a small exotic fruit vendor, not far from home. Loaded with fibers, the

Strawberries, Lemon & Sage

Medicinal plant used since the Antiquity, sage has a scientific name ‘Salvia’ taken from the Latin  ‘Salvare‘ , which means ‘to heal’. It has countless vertues, one of them being to

Pomelo Curd & Lychee Tartlets

It’s raining cats and dogs… and when it’s raining, we are free to bake delicious pomelo and lychees tartlets ! The crust is the one I’ve used for my apple

Dried Fruit Salad, Honey & Lemongrass

This recipe was originally nammed ‘winter fruits’ recipe and when I looked at it to publish it, I realized it was not only a winter one… Dried fruits can be eaten all

Fresh Mango & Coconut Milk ‘Trifles’

A ‘trifle’ is a typical English dessert, traditionally made of fresh fruits, Chantilly and Jello. Here’s an unstructured and vegan version: the agar agar, a gelling agent is mixed with the

Chocolate Mousse

The first time I’ve tried this recipe was for some icing on muffins and the result to remain objective was … not that convincing… I didn’t want to stay on

Scrumptious Vegan Madeleines

I have tried to bake Madeleines and yesterday night was my third time. And it worked! Yay ! The previous occasions were really bad for my cooking ego with Madeleines not looking